Restaurant Schoonoord zoekt personeel

Grand cafe restaurant Schoonoord

Grand café restaurant Schoonoord is een modern bedrijf met een rijke historie waar u  van harte welkom bent.

In 1894 "Hotel Schoonoord" was originally built to be an "abode outside the city". Over the previous centuries, Oosterbeek has always been know as a place people would love to come visit. 

The village became a favorite place for the wealthy bourgeoisie due to the beautiful nature and being centrally situated. They would often make their stay for the entire summer. The most well known example is writer Jacob van Lennep. 

From friendly summer residence to emergency field hospital

The war changed everything, Schoonoord was no exception. During the battle of Arnhem in September of 1944, the building was equipped as an emergency field hospital by the 1st English Airborne division. This is where the nickname "Airborne pub no 1" comes from. 

The building was severely damaged by the fierce battle that took place here. After 1945, a lot was being built and restored. This did not bring back Schoonoord's splendor but her impressive history shines till this day.

A warm welcome for every guest

Iedereen is welkom of het nou voor een kopje koffie met gebak, lunch of een compleet diner is, of gewoon een borrel. 

Joost en Ivonne

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